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Yvonne & Rob Rogers



My Story

Scentsy has been Ah-Maz-ING since I became a consultant in October 2009. 

It all started when my friend called me and asked, "Will you have a book party for me"? I was not happy, at the time, but I love her dearly and said I would. When I received my catalog in the mail, I sat down,  looked at every page and read everything from beginning to end.  I was thrilled. I could see the potential I held in my hands.

Without ever smelling a scent or holding a warmer in my hand I called my friend and told her I wanted to become a consultant.  I didn't  even discuss it with my husband before I called her. ( Yes, he was very surprised but even more so when I received my first commission check :)

Now that I have used the products in my own home I can truly say, "I DO LOVE THEM". I use to burn candles many years ago but quit due to the black soot it left on my ceiling/walls and of the fear of having a house fire, especially after my kids came along.

In the beginning, I had fallen in love with the idea of using the Scentsy products. Now looking back, I had not realized they way it would impact my life and my families. I now have an awesome team of fabulous people all over the U.S. called, OHIO Smell This!, I am traveling the world, making life-long friends I would have never met, and earning a great income. Scentsy has brought so much to my family & I because I said "Yes" to a $99 opportunity!
You can too, SCENTSY is for YOU!
Let me show YOU how Scentsy can change and inspire your life!


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